Tuesday, December 12, 2006

random scriblings

I guess there seem to be a lot of "random" messages going into my blog. very many a time, the question arose, what is random. is it a series of events that have no preset order? or going deeper, are they the ones that have an order, but its just that we cannot see what the order is. It is at that level, when we see order in chaos, that we realise that we are above most materialistic goods. So many times in the past few weeks I have been wanting to sit down and just write some stuff, but never got around to doing it. work keeps me busy at ffice, and when i get back, well, i have to catch up on work at home. so, sigh! we live such busy lives that we forget what it is to live. I guess we need to blame ourselves for the scenario as we have no control over the way our life goes. well, guess what... thats random! :) so, we are living a random life!

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