Thursday, April 20, 2006


Well, its rather interesting, someone i know has started a blog, and they have asked for people to contribute articles etc etc, now what is the concept of a blog. what ever was intended, rock on!
work is going on all great. i wsa told i dont keep in touch with people. kinda sad. we live in a world where there are no longer any boundaries, but just borders. we have people but few friends, we care enough not to bother.
what have we all become? electronice ZOMBIES!
when was the last time anyone picked up a paper and pen and wrote. that was the reason i guess i started this blog!
i remember when i used to write muy assignments, my fingers used to pain, but now my whole hand gets screwed, thats RSS i think or repetitive stress syndrom! the computer is killing us, mind body and soul!
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