Wednesday, February 03, 2010

#Save #Paper - #Reuse #envelopes - Print This

I realized that the large A4 size covers that are there in the office are being used just once. So i decided to create my own "Reuseable Envelopes"

Very useful for inter-departmental postage or when you use covers for personal couriers.

Download the template from here

updated the URL

Sunday, January 31, 2010

damn them buggers @Mcdonalds

There is a McDonalds at the Ampa Mall in Chennai, situated just opposite the KFC. Outside the McDonalds they have the "Drive through" or the delivery counter. Which is convenient, but during the fiasco - realized its faster to go in a order.

So they have a huge board outside saying - 1 minute or a coke free. i smirked - knowing its impossible to deliver an order in 1 minute.

just to humor myself, i decided to check this "offer" out. So when i placed my order, I collected the receipt like a good little boy should, and then in front of the cashier - started my stop watch. Which is a Casio (just to establish the fact that its not some cheap thing which jumps or runs faster).

He immediately jumped and said "SAAR, this is voonly for zingle ORder SAAR" (yes, some creativity in the language, but the message is the same). So I said ok, if it is 1 minute for a single order, then it should be 4 minutes for 4 items.

Nonetheless, they were pretty efficient and brought it in about 2minutes 20 seconds. So, I showed the waiter who brought the delivery my watch.

He said "Sorry sir, but the 1 minute is not valid for delivery". that kinda kinda put me off. I was like WHAAT?
Then he jumped and said "This is valid only Inside" .. Now that pissed me off even more. Here they have the board outside boldly displaying the fact that if its not delivered in a minute its free, and now they are back tracking on the whole thing. What?

its not about the free coke- its about the principle behind putting a board outside and then not sticking to it. If both the fellows had said the same thing - that this is valid only if you order a single item - then i would have been happy that the delivery was made in 2minutes and 20 seconds.

But with two employees giving me 3 different excuses - that put me off even more. I am sure if i waited longer - they would have come up with more creative excuses.

Anyways- i dont think i will ever go back to McDonalds- instead take my business to KFC, who dont promise anything - but still deliver better.

Its about setting the right expectations - underpromise and over deliver - you have a loyal customer.
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