Monday, March 13, 2006


Mirrors are liers.
they lie about everything. they tell you that you are good looking, they tell you that you are thin, they tell you what youwant to see, exactly like their commarades, the weighing machines. They lie as well, in this case however, they tell you that you ARE fat, and you really NEED to loose weight!
anyways, why this sudden take off on the mirror. this morning i had my moment of truth. the grim tragic truth. from about 10 feet from the mirror, i look dashingly handsome and well muscluared, however, on "closer" inspection, i look like a blob of fat. anywyas, the fat is so well "blobbed" that my stomach and chest looks exactly like homer simpsons face, now THAT is tragic. my gym has an over abundance of glass all over and which ever direction i look, i see a handsome me! now, that does make me feel good to a certain extent, as long as i am far away, but the closer i get, the uglier i get! so, the solution to the "problem", light travels faster and further. so stay far away. another intresting phenomenon, men gossip as much, if not more than women. god, its brutal, if there is a bunch of guys around, yak yak yak yak.... about anyihng under the sun. this i noticed during my work out sessions. everything from corruption to film news, to peoples lives to the quality of the weights. i mean for crying out loud, a weight HAS to be, a) heavy, b) heavy and c) heavy. what more can you discuss about a cast iron blob of metal? well, evidently, there IS a lot that can be discussed! :)
lessons of life!
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