Friday, November 25, 2005


There seems to be a constant chatter of people around me. No distinct voices, just a general chatter. Some women giggling, their high pitched giggles break through the general rhythm of male voices. Sitting inside a male dominated department, there is a resounding peace that echoes from the voice of the fairer sex. There is no point trying to pay attention to what is being said at all times, people are generally talking to each other in sentences that make you think, god, I thought sound traveled fast.
Well, what is the point of these notes? Well, its generally nothing. When one tries and grasps whats happening around oneself, one generally tends to get lost. Sitting inside a multi million dollar company, where the constant war-cry is “time is money”, one cant afford to sit and think. Espically if one’s work involves dredging through purchase orders and doing nothing. What is the meaning of all of this? Am I supposed to figure out that there is some greater good, or this is going to be a learning path to something greater for me? The way I see it, this time when I am not filling up “my bandwidth” gives me the best time to think about alternatives
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