Saturday, December 12, 2009

A wake up call - health is wealth!

a few days ago, i had this shooting pain in my chest. a part of me felt dread and i was worried sick about what if? a part of me was worried sick about the cost implications of the treatment. i think that is the biggest concern about anything to do with the heart. nonetheless... it is a point that has been reached- as they say a wake up call.

the doctor called me and gave me this news. i know its not like a death sentence - with due respect to those who have more serious diseases, still, knowing that i now have a heart condition is worrying enough.

plan of action going forward, i need to consult with a cardio specialist, and get my act in shape. need to cut down on stress levels and similarly on my levels of tension.

what really sucks is that you think back and wonder- how did i let it get to this stage? can i be so unfit? but most importantly - I ask - why me? :(
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