Thursday, December 29, 2005

A new year

Sometimes, you really wonder. What makes a person tick? what is that one thing that really excites you, and what sets your pace? sometimes its work, soemtimes its thoughts, sometimes its just.... nothing. :-).

this new year resolution,
reason out.
analyse thoughts.
be happy.

getting upset over events and persons gets one nowhere. think about what your going to think. i guess this will increase your thinking time more, and doing time less, but its a sure way to do the thing, right time first time. i guess that would be a better mantra to live by.
life i guess buzzez past... bbbzzzzzz bzzzzzzzz....bzzzzzzz. the time you stop to think and wonder what is happening, bbbzzzzzzz... bzzzzzzzz...bzzzzzzzz more of life has gone. so now you as yourself the universal "Truth" question. What are you doing?
If you stand by a busy highway to figure out what you are doing, more and more of life flows past. but if you are in the highway, you could get lost and head somewhere else.
moral... keep an eye on the road signs. constantly keep checks and balances.

know where you want to go. know not how to get there, cause that is the path of life.
I would rather walk the path of life, with soemone i cherish, to be with me.
its like, if i dont work hard, the path is that through a forest, filled with adventure, excitement, but painful and makes me a better person. at times i need to be able to find the road. the road is a nice well laid six lane highway, with lights to guide me through the night and stops with motels and diners. now if i work hard to make sure i get onto the highway, my life will be smooth, but does that make me a better person. what about the path i had to take to get to that highway. some are born on the highway. i will make my way to that highway. i know it. i will be where i want to be. i am going to go places. I know that. i dont need to worry about anything. i dont know where to start, but i do know that i will not let myself be pushed into the sidelines. i will have what i want, my desires will sort themselves out.

Friday, November 25, 2005


There seems to be a constant chatter of people around me. No distinct voices, just a general chatter. Some women giggling, their high pitched giggles break through the general rhythm of male voices. Sitting inside a male dominated department, there is a resounding peace that echoes from the voice of the fairer sex. There is no point trying to pay attention to what is being said at all times, people are generally talking to each other in sentences that make you think, god, I thought sound traveled fast.
Well, what is the point of these notes? Well, its generally nothing. When one tries and grasps whats happening around oneself, one generally tends to get lost. Sitting inside a multi million dollar company, where the constant war-cry is “time is money”, one cant afford to sit and think. Espically if one’s work involves dredging through purchase orders and doing nothing. What is the meaning of all of this? Am I supposed to figure out that there is some greater good, or this is going to be a learning path to something greater for me? The way I see it, this time when I am not filling up “my bandwidth” gives me the best time to think about alternatives
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