Monday, September 27, 2010

the first time i bite the dust!

Well, after buying the Trek, and restarting my cycling, i was awating that moment when you have a crash, and today that moment was there - waiting for me with open arms.

Over the last week, i got hit twice by motorcyclsts - for absolutely no fault of mine, i actually chased one bugger through the traffic and was tempted to whack the fellow, but let him go because he apologized a lot.

But today, for no fault of anyone but my own, i said hello to the pavement setup by the lovely chennai corporation.

I was trying to change lanes and take a turn, and since there was traffic, i decided to pull over to the left and then cut across to the right after waiting for the opportunity to cut across. while the bike was slowing down on the left side of the road, i failed to see a rather large stone. well, large for the cycle to handle and it hit the wheel, the handle bar turned, and bang! i was on the pavement.
0 - pavement in zero seconds flat! fastest time down!

took a while to figure out what the hell just happened, picked my self up, checked all the gears and then continued.

Moral learnt? Yup- always keep both hands on the handle bar! :)

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