Thursday, September 27, 2007

CXOs... Humans as well...

The other day, a friend of mine and I were sitting at a table in the lunch room in office, eating some breakfast. An enigmatic executive officer ( not the CEO, but another X level executive) comes, greets me and sits on the table beside me. his table is at the entrance to the dining area. All of us go on with our lives - talking what we need to talk, and he, immersed in his conversation with someone.

A little while later, a lady come walking up the ramp, physically disabled she was being help by another friend. When they reached the door, they were in the process of pushing- facing some problems since the door is a little tight. At this moment the executive jumped up, and ran to the door and held it open.

Many times, executive officers don't bother. Its an "accepted rule" that the higher you go, the lesser you do, but sometimes this is carried on very literally. Managers wont bother, even to pick up paper that they drop.

Is it "uncool" to be yourself?
Is it "cool" to be a "disconnected" person?

What ever said, this one scene was quite very touching, and even though i dont work directly under this person, I am glad to know him. :)
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