Saturday, June 06, 2009

Legend that is Yuyutsu

A friend of mine and his wife are expecting their first child, when asked what is the name on his mind - the name Yuyutsu came up. At first - I thought it was an african name, with the Us and Ys... but then on further research, I was uniquely surprised that its an Indian name and more importantly from the Mahabharatha.

I read the great indian epic a few months ago and, to say the least, have been quite inspired by it. Indraprashtra - the home for the gods was also the kingdom of the Pandavas after they lost everything- a symbol of what can be built even with nothing - now thats inspiration. It towered over the landscapes and contained all the comforts that adorned a king, however, the land was barren before the pandavas were given the place.

coming to Yuyutsu - i starting doing some research and found him to be quite a character. He was the 101st kaurava but was born to Dhritrashtra by a Maid servant who was waiting on him. He was one of the 11 athirathi or one who is capable of killing 10,000 warriors at a time.

He was righteous to the point he stood up against Dhuryodhana's actions - against dhraupadi and the pandavas and was thus the last and only survivor of the Kurkshetra war simply because he joined the side of the Pandavas.

when the pandavas finally passed over - Yudhishthir handed over Indraprashtra to Yuyutsu.

What a story!

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