Friday, May 26, 2006

shallow pans!

its 240 Am, i was just trawlling through the hi5 network, some social networking site. it was quite intresting to see some stuff. we all like to live in our own little shells. there seems to be such a huge world out there, and yet, we hardly utilize the power of the internet by gettin to know new people! our frineds on these social networking sites are our friends in real life! strange as it may seem, its like this threshold that we are many a times afraid to step across, defining the new from the old, or met from unmet friends. strange, but it got me thinkgin quite a bit.
It never does open your eyes up, i saw someone's profile and was just going thru their pictures, and it was such a nice site to see them with their parents, and the dad looked so bwildered whilst the phot was being taken.
this person was somewhere in the phillipines. kinda strange, guess when you get a glimplse of someone's personal life, you stop to think on how similar lives are around the world. things are not diffirent, i always wonderd why do we try so hard to say that we are different? yes inadvertly we might have some traits, likes and dislikes that are different, but at the end of the day, we stll are the same!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I HATE whirlpool! terrible refridgerator, terrible service, terrible product terrible everything!

I finally did it, i wrote to those folks, i wonder why i cant get myself to call them complete fuck heads! god, I really hate that company! really really! terrible!
if anyone reads this PLEASE PLEASE don't buy a whirlpool!


I write this not with disgust, but more with despair and a sense of
shock that i find it very hard to get over, considering the events of
the past one week.

My father is an ex service man, who fought the war, and in my life, he
is my hero. I respect not just him but any service officer, and
whirlpool has taken nothing but a "B-Class" approach to the entire

We purchases a refrigerator in August 1998, it was the 315Liter single
door, through the Canteen, the dealer who supplied the product sent a
fridge that was rusting and looked worn. We mailed Whirlpool and
someone came to visit us from the dealer and said that he can polish
the fridge and make it look new. This was appalling. We asked him to
leave and had still heard nothing from the company.

the fridge was of substandard quality with the freezer door breaking
off, and a BAD stench coming from the water collection area. ITs
ridiculous that you tout to be "America's number 1 brand" but know
jack about product design. The water from the fridge collects and is
"Expected" to evaporate from the heat of the compressor. The only
thing that happened was the kitchen was unbearable untill someone
needs to clean it manually. IT is degrading to say the least, and this
kind of turmoil is NOT expected from a company like yours.

Last Saturday (20th May 2006), the fridge shorted out. sparks flew
from the back and it blew. Now we called the service center, where
again, their callous nature infuriates any good soul. the fridge being
an integral part of any ones lives today, needs a quicker response
time. it took your technician 12 hours to come, and at 2030 hrs when
he finally comes, he said that the compressor was shorted out "due to
water leakage from the defrost container".
now, to add insult to injury, he sees the model number and serial
number he said that the fridge was manufactured in 1990. and to make
matters worse, Merlin Electronics, the service provider cum sales
agent who handles "B class SALES, THAT IS CSD AND SECOND HAND GOODS"
has closed down.

Now, it takes me a lot of self control not to loose my cool when i
hear statements like this. Whirlpool's sense of calling any service
officer a BGrade citizen by offering them anything but the best makes
my blood boil.

I feel sad that a company like yours, not being Indian, yet, does not
respect the very people who served and protected this nation. you as
Indians are then the worst breed who let things like this happen to
people who have served and given their lives for our nation.

I feel pity for you, your company and all around you for not being
able to judge whom to treat with respect and whom not to.

I will NEVER buy a whirlpool, I will Make sure NONE of my friends,
family, their friends and their family or anyone I come across buy

I have a signed letter from the service technician saying that the
serial number says that the fridge was manufactured in 1990, and it
was sold to us in 1998. He has also signed that the circuit shorted
due to a water overflow from your defrost collection tray.

I don't expect you folks to do Anything, because, in your minds, me,
my family and all the 6Lakh other service officers families are
"BGrade" citizens.

I have bought a new refrigerator, and its NOT a whirlpool.

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