Friday, May 26, 2006

shallow pans!

its 240 Am, i was just trawlling through the hi5 network, some social networking site. it was quite intresting to see some stuff. we all like to live in our own little shells. there seems to be such a huge world out there, and yet, we hardly utilize the power of the internet by gettin to know new people! our frineds on these social networking sites are our friends in real life! strange as it may seem, its like this threshold that we are many a times afraid to step across, defining the new from the old, or met from unmet friends. strange, but it got me thinkgin quite a bit.
It never does open your eyes up, i saw someone's profile and was just going thru their pictures, and it was such a nice site to see them with their parents, and the dad looked so bwildered whilst the phot was being taken.
this person was somewhere in the phillipines. kinda strange, guess when you get a glimplse of someone's personal life, you stop to think on how similar lives are around the world. things are not diffirent, i always wonderd why do we try so hard to say that we are different? yes inadvertly we might have some traits, likes and dislikes that are different, but at the end of the day, we stll are the same!

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