Thursday, December 14, 2006


December 13th 2006. Well, i guess its going to be one of those days I will never forget! I picked up my first new car! Eleanor, she is a moon mist grey Fiat Palio. Sigh! She's such a beauty, that i am worried I might cheat on my girlfriend with her! :)

I have always loved the Italian Marque, in my opinion it oozes sexiness and masculinity. My quintessential muscle care. Till such times I can pick up a hemi, I guess my Eleanor will be an Italian badge!
Buying a car, i have figured out is one of those really hard decisions. Especially if you are shelling out a lot of money to acquire this, you will always think twice at all possible stages. This means that you always wonder when you are going to be making a mistake. After you buy it, every small thing makes you wonder, "oh no, is this going to break down now" or "is this normal" or "oh my god, what is this" or "oh shit, please start" nonetheless, buying a car is stress full.

After I took delivery, I was driving so bloody carefully, i never did think that would be the scenario, :) well, its a matter of time, once I get used to her, its going to be me and my love, riding down the highway!

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