Tuesday, December 12, 2006

New conspiracy!

I have just ucnovered the greatest conspiricy of all times.
Companies are getting people to work more.

now why and how did i come to that conclusion ? well, very simple! the food!
imagine if companies are serving food known to cause impotency in men. So if a man is impotent, then he cannot perform, so if he cannot perform, he will be cursed by the partner (and that leads to a fight) and if he gets cursed by the partner, he would much rather not be at home ,and if he is not at home, (he obviously cannot go to the bar, as the same problem will exist with other women as well) he will be at office. working!
Now! more efficiency, and longer working hours for the same pay!
well, that tackles 70% of emloyees. For the other 30% being women, the same food causes "performance problems" in men, and that will lead them to not enjoying their times at home, so they end up working more.
so net net! the company is able to extract more work by serving food!


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