Tuesday, February 07, 2006


one of the things that they teach you in b-school is that the best place to find information is by the water cooler.
well, they teach you wrong. the only thing i find next to my watercooler is:
a) empty cans.
b) full cans.
c) a tub,
d) a sponge.
e) a bucket
and f) the water cooler itself.
and not to forget the fire exinguisher.
which i feel is rather redundant cause there is water and a bucket right there, why would someone want a fire exinguisher. this is all part of a large conspiracy by one of the large software companies to brain feed us with utter bunkum. who needs a fire extinguiser anyways? considering that a building is upto the hilt in firefighting equipment.

anywyas, who uses one. has anyone not heard of running away? the alarms are shrill enough to wake the dead, the living and the sleeping so i really feel they have done due diligance by ..... hang on... or....
what if these are empty.... hang on!
(that signifies time has gone by).
ok, these suckers are heavy, i dont think i am going to attempt to fire one of these to actually see if they have "stuff in them". what do you call it? fuel to fight fire?.... hmmm. dont think so, what if someone goes to "refuel" this suckers, and does literly that....
dangerously disastrous!

anyways, i got to get back to intellectually challenging things like staring at my screen appearing to be attemtpin to be doing work... but shh! i would not tell anyone that i am not! guess its nice to be in a company that has like a gazziliion people. no one knows, and no one cares!

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