Friday, February 10, 2006

The case of the blathering baboon.

I remember times when we used to see some serials that talk about animals, particularly monkeys, they used to show that monkeys, when they get agitated, they shriek... and a lot at that.

now, I think I found our link to our hairy, tailed, social predecessors.

its our security guards.
sometimes, I guess I can just stand back and marvel at the way they behave when the busses are coming in. The cacophony of the whistles, gives the exact semblance to the screeching of the monkeys in the cage.... khhheee .. kheee,,,, khee hhheeek hsskhskhehkekekeke ..

I guess roughly translates to.... "Hey dudes, check out that couple walking towards us, maybe we should act like them, .... no, why should we... look at those poor souls, trapped in a cage... not free like us.... noo... soo sad... HEY.. YOU TWO... HEY... COME HERE... YOU WANT SOME SNACKY SNACKY?... HEY.... they are not paying attention, ... obviously Moron,,... Only I, the smartest monkey around here.. Can talk... "Human"..... eeehhhmm... HEY, you foul smelling, ignoramus, potatohead, strange skined moron... get your ass here, before come there and make you.....

and from past experience... we just hear it as..... kkkhhheeee heeeeekkkhehe ekhekheeeheek ehekehekeheeeee ekheeeeeeeekeh ekhkee......
then, we as humans go, hmmm.. look at those cute monkeys, imagine if we could understand what they are saying. Lets take a picture...

well, the security guards, are just the same. The monkeys in the cage... the difference is...
monkeys who have the brains, don't have whistles, and I cant say the same for us homosapiens.

I have tried taxing my brains to wondering, why... WHY in the name do they whistle so so very often.... and I have come to just one conclusion.
its a male ego thing. "he who whistles the loudest at the biggest bus, is the bravest. Well.. alas... all is woe!!

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