Friday, January 20, 2006

the attack of the keyboard!

the attack of the keyboard!

ineveitiably, there are bound to be a group of people in any organization who belive that their job is bring out the dirt of their companies.
well, im not one of them, so if you were expecting me to throw mud on "my beloved company" you are wrong. speaking of mud throwing, me thinks there is a rather sultry tone to it. WOW. As in Women on Wrestling or something to that effect, not too sure of what the "O" in the WOW is there for. i guess thats like a lot of things in life. you dont know why its there. there used to be a reason for stuff, thats why it was invented, but somewhere along the line, you loose the meaning of it, and then its just done. i would say its similar to getting up in the morning. why does one need to get up in the morning? i mean, why is the morning set as time the sun rises. why are we conditioned to behave the we are behaving? well, yeah, see, i told you, i dont have much work to do. i just come to office, space out, and when i actually do work, its for a rather short time. eveyrone around me is so busy, its nice to be able to just chill out and ....jsut chill out. period.

I guess we need to create the heriocs of something. let see, the heriocs of Werty. Why WERTY? well, in the keyboard, there is QWERTY, so a person with a name called QWERTY sounds rather QWERT-y, so WERTY sounds a cooler, funkier name.
The series is named The Adventures of WERTY.
Yeah, i think i will write something like that. the advantage is that Werty can take flight in imaginations, and not worry of the shackles of everyday life. :) i likes.

well folks, stay tuned for the ADVENTURES OF WERTY.

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