Friday, December 04, 2009 stooping really low to get people to register?

so when you see the above advert what do you think?
this was seen on facebook. I clicked on it - because it looked like a picture from someone's album, and it looked quite appalling.

What i discovered later - was even more shocking!

follow the trail -

First hop







So is now advertising - "Get Sexy Screen Saver Free"

Shame on you!

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Shaadi said...


First of all we’d like to thank you for bringing this to our notice. As the world’s leading online matrimonial service, we have always lived by the fact that marriage is the most sacred & traditional bond that two people can share & do not believe in communicating anything otherwise. The ads that you have seen on facebook have clearly not been created by us but by an affiliate who in all good faith seems to have gotten things a little off beam. He has thus been asked to discontinue posting such inappropriate content immediately.
We humbly hope to continue receiving your support to do what we do best, help people find their true happiness.

Thank You,
The Team

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