Monday, November 16, 2009

And so it comes to a full circle- #TimeWarner to spin off #AOL

in 2000, when AOL announced that it is buying TimeWarner- personally - i couldnt figure out what was the reason. At 164B AOL might have wanted to bolster its content - from being a pure play ISP to compete with Microsoft's MSN Online. However, AOL was providing a platform - which i could have used to get feeds from multiple wire services thus allowing for aggregation of news rather than a very expnsive news feed.

In December 9th 2009 - TimeWarner will spin off AOL. I believe this comes to a full circle. With the AOL issuing 11 shares for every TimeWarner share to now becoming a separate entity. Personally, i belive this is one of the best things to happen to AOL after the 2003 fiasco of declaring $99B in losses.

With the New AOL - we should see a stronger news feed, and tighter integration with shopping sites and entertainment sites - thus they should push for getting people to spend more time on than any other site.

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