Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Microsoft, Nortel join on unified comms - Microsofts tryst with unified communications.

Microsofts tryst with unified communications. Unified communications is a platform on which all forms of commnication, voice, im etc etc are combined to a single "dashboard" where people find it easier to use. in the sense tht from a sort of "IM" screen, one can send out IM, phone calls, audio and video confrences- share files & Applications and on the whole, a host of other productivity enhancement tools right to the desktop. So how does this help?
this means that using a single screen, i can connct, disconnect and get work done in order to "improve" my productivity and ability to respond faster and quicker.
But whats MS got to do with it? well, in my opinion, almost everything. they heralded in the popluarity of the instant messaging platform with their msn messenger that was literly forced down everyones throat, in a way its a good thing. and in a way, its well, force feeding. i am sure people will say there have been instatn messaging solutions before msn popularized it across the internet, like ibm's lotus sametime and all, but the popularity of this has definitl surparsed.
MS now decided to foray into enterprise wide IM, and then said, "hey, i think i can start charging for this" casue after all, its my client. so they decide to charge for it. which in my mind is THE mos ridicilous step they can take as i would not want to pay for something that the whole world uses for free!
now they get wiser. in 2004 -2005 gartner showed MS getting its hiney kicked by Siemens, Nortel etc etc, so they decide to do what MS is best at, sink in tonnes of money and bring out a crappy product that serves no better purpose that what its already serving now, and i hve to pay more for it. gwahs, with MS you really need to rename them buggers to MonopolySoft and not Microsoft.

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