Monday, July 31, 2006

are we trapped?

there are many times when i go into these "phases. i wonder many a times, as to what are we doing. here, there, everywhere. i wonder why i come to work, and what am i doing here. everyday after lunch, i stand at the canteen window, and from there it is an unristricted view of just open spaces.(my office is situated far outside the city). i do think it should be justified to make any call to my office a long distance call, its rather inhuman to travel so far to work. anywyas, when i see these large tracts of land i wonder, if we are doing all we can. i wonder i am doing what i can do best? am i doing what i like? what brings me here? its so wonderful to see open land, green, with vehicles in the distance, trawling up and down, like little ants. motorcycles, auto's, very few in number, jus floating through. traveliing at what seems to be its own pace. that coupled with a blue sky, washed fresh with a few clouds. aaaah.. you wonder... why, why am i standing behind this glass and looking out? why am i not out there? and why am I NOT creating a path where others can follow?

so, are we trapped? by the shackles of society. society that does not allow us to do what we want to do, a society where it is black and white, right and wrong, traditions followed blindly without question. questions that make one wonder where this is headnig or why it has to be done in a way. we take things and accept them as we are, but what we fail to see is the underlying reason or truth beind it.

look at advertsing. no one sells coffee anymore. everyone sells either the experience of drinking coffee or the emotion of drinking a coffee. so what abuot the good ol cup of caffeine? the much needed boost to push you through the day. marketeers push to differentiate the product from the competition. so, at the end of the day, the coffee in the cup that you drink is the same, but the way they sell it to you is different, else why would they try and "differentiate" their products to the customer? the customer, (me in this case) is intelligent enough to be able to know the differnence between the coffee. but no, the marketing person needs to "think up" a differentiator. why?

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