Friday, April 28, 2006

surreal but nice!

Just got back from a discussion with the chairman of a very very large conglomerate firm. the experience, of just being one of the faces in the crowd was amazing. seeing someone like him, up close and personal. however, any event is shrouded with beauracy, asskissing and ball licking (well, i just added that cause it rhymed). it was nice, nad i had to choose just this one great day to fall ill.
what i really admired, the humbleness of this great man. it really makes me think, leaders are made, they are born. humble, and so down to earth, it amazes me on these fronts. he actually came all the way to meet us, even though it was for a rather short time, he could have said he was busy, which i am sure he is, but to think he flew in, spoke to us, and flew back. i usually commute by car, not by a plane! WOW!

anywyas, i guess this is one day i will remember!

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