Sunday, April 23, 2006

cells in blore

a take on my friends blog!

Well, if you actually look into the larger relm of life, you will see that cities that have the highest number of "cellphone thefts", also have the highest floating population, low average age, and high levels of unemployment in the lower socio economic strat. now i am NOT pointing fingers here to say that they are doing it, or anything,all i am saying is that there are urges by people to go upto the level of comfort they see. i personally feel that the recent unrest in the city was a fitting example. the person who passed away was not a violent being. he advocated peace and in response, the rioting and damage caused not just to physical estabilshments, but the economy due to the closure of several insttitutions! appaling!
similarly, the university town of pune, the bastillion of shivaji, also one of the higest number of cellphone thefts. the best way to measure the cellphone theft rate is to measure the cell pohone sales rates.
cellphones are stolen, sold to first time phone users, the loosers go and buy legitimate phones.
just for them to get stolen again!
WELKOME.. to the moon!

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