Saturday, September 04, 2010

A nice cup of tea!

There are those moments that you start thinking about, and yearn for them. Well, this morning was the culmination of one of those moments. Last week, the gas got over at home and then the entire week was spent eating out. As a kid - you think - oh its going to be so cool when you can just go out and eat all the time, but seriously, after 4 days, i was dying for the gas to be delivered just so that i can have home cooked food. Its either the lack of drowning oil, or simply the lack of artificial flavors and rich spices that makes home cooked food bearable and guilt free, but none the less, the greatest loss from the lack of a gas cylinder was the simple fact - microwave tea! - which i must warn you, after a while gets pretty sad.

So my mind and pallet were yearing for that one cup of rich, milky tea with a dash of cardamum and sugar, which you can sip and say - aaah! wah Taj! seriously, its that one sip that allows you to relish the taste of tea and give you that little caffeine kick! :)

So this morning, after a gap of one week, i made myself a cup of tea, boiling milk and water and then lettling the tea sit for just the right amount of time, which brought back that feeling after such a long time... bliss!

nice way to start a great day! :)

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Sushil said...

You should look into getting a private gas connection as well ... we had the same problem and finally gave up and have one standby private connection as well.

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