Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Heights of Cross selling - #IRCTC!

IRCTC is now no longer selling train tickets only.... but also flight and train... :)

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sk said...

I guess they have to since their train ticket selling operation is about to get come internal competition. The Centre for Railway Information Systems (CRIS) is due to start selling online tickets in Oct. That's on top of losing the contract for the management for catering services at Indian railway stations.

I hope CRIS does a better job at helping people find the actual trains themselves ! Try finding the connecting trains between Indore and Rajkot for example. Its a real challenge ! In general finding trains, especially if connections are needed, between 2nd tier cities is really difficult.

It upset me enough to build my own website - totally free and ad-free - bharatbyrail.com. You just enter the cities you are travelling between, state the date and time range and it gives you the best trains, allows ample time for connections and finds routes between nearby stations not just the one you explicitly specify. Armed with these train numbers and times, you can go to IRCTC ( or CRIS soon :-) and make the booking.

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