Thursday, March 18, 2010

#Movie #review - #Vinnaithandi #Varuvaaya - waste of natural resources

Firstly, the fault should be mine. I went for the movie without reading the reviews. But then again, after reading the "comments" and reviews online - i think i missed something.
Stellar performance by young superstar! i mean- common - someone give me a break. The dude CANNOT act. Yes, i might get screwed for this, but this is my personal opinion. To me personally, most of the acting was a hash and sham job. was it natural acting - no. far from it. It was like a school play. But calling it a school play is going to be giving it so mcuh more credit.

The only decent part was the music - by Rahman, however, the background score was so weird. it was like they were competing with the music to talk.

the look and the character that they were trying to portray fell flat because the dude has ZERO expression. He can frown, thats the ONLY expression. he cant talk, he cant emote and yes shouting is NOT acting.

And to top it off, they had some two bit dancers who had NO idea about desi dance moves, and were close to fumbling. Now if this was a "musical" i think it was bad. If it was a movie i think it was WORSE and if it claims to be a superhit- i think we are doomed as a society.

I dont know what the people were thinking by investing in this flick, or even directing this flick. It looked so amateurish in delivery and acting. The makeup - let me not get into that. I do hope the folks in the makeup department have heard of foundation - the dude actually had white patches on his face.

Damn. so upset that i wasted a whole evening watching this shit which just wouldnt end! 3 hours of torture! no seriously! it was terrible!

for the sake of indian cinema - please dont make movies like this!

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