Tuesday, January 19, 2010

of #gyms and #excercise!

Over the past month and a half, i have had my "wake up call" and have started visiting the gym regularly, and am watching my diet to the T.

the last few weeks at the gym have been interesting. been seeing quite an eclectic mix of individuals, body builders and just regular folks.

so i jog for about 10 mins and run for another 10 mins, over the 20 mins that i walk to warm up, this is what i like doing, and have been able to push my stamina, by either increasing the speed, inclination or just duration. step by step, its been painful, but rewarding.

i see some folks, who come and jog for 1 minute, keep wondering - HOW does this help? 1 minute?

another group - they put their weight onto the handlebars of the treadmill and walk- yes now this IS going to help you exercise and loose weight.

yet another group get onto the cross trainer and move really crazyly fast. again, for a grand total of 2 mins.

Like schools, i think gyms need to insist on high levels of personal hygine. this one dude stinks- not the best fragrance you want near your nostrils when you are breathing hard to keep your pace at 12kmph.

well, its been a fun journey, and i guess this is something one has to live with! :)

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