Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Love affairs with Horns!

Something must really be done to those jokers who cheating on their wives, girlfriends and boyfriends with the horn. Its so weird, and i dont think i will ever get the reason people are so anxious to blo0w the horn. there will be nothing in front of them, yet blow the horn.

thats why i believe we need to start a de-addiction center to help those who have the following:
1. fetish for blowing horns on empty roads
2. hornblowingholic
3. someone who is cheating on their partnr - with the horn - using every opportunity to touch, feel, caress and press the damn horn!

there should be something which makes people reaslise that blowing the horn will not get it done faster, but just make you more irratated. I think the order of the day is to install horns INSIDE cars. so if someone uses it in excess, they cut down automatically, since the noise is now inside as well! :)

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