Monday, April 20, 2009

Breaking traffic rules

Its frustrating when you see drivers blatantly breaking all the road rules, just to make their life easier. This morning, I noticed a large innova with the number TN 04 P 9995 - yes, i am publishing the number here, with the sincere hope that someone reads this and tells the owner- coming out and turning onto the wrong side of the road, and driving a good 100 mts. What more annoying is that this guy does it EVERY day, and sometimes much longer distances.

I know the apartment, but i dont know if i should stop him and tell him to go the other way. :( I just had to get it out of my system... so here is the post.

remember the number is TN 09 P 9995- If you see it - tell the driver to respect road rules and drive properly!

1 comment:

Sushil said...

You have a different number in the post in two places is it 04 or 09. Also the color of the vehicle could help.

Sometimes if someone is coming the wrong way and blocking my path I have had to just stop and honk :-) till they give up and move back. Had to do this recently near the new Kodambakkam flyover. The politico who stays there had a jeep backing up the wrong way blocking traffic. This happens very often.

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