Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Subaru pulling out of WRC

well, this past few weeks have been heart breaking. First - honda pulling out of F1- which is heartbreaking in itself, but to top it off, the WRC is also taking a beating!

Suzuki announced that it is pulling out of the WRC - considering it started the season in 2008 with the new SX4 WRC. But the announcement of Subaru pulling out, causes a LOT more heartbreak!

Subaru in collaboration with ProDrive might be one of the longest surviving constructors in the WRC, with the others entering and exiting at vrious stages. The imperza WRX STi- a truly rally bred car is now no longer going to blaze the paths of the various stages.

Collin McRae and Peter Solberg -2 WRC champions....
three constructors titles in 1995, 1996 & 1997. Post 1997 Subaru has always seen a podium finish but never a top spot. The era of the hatches (The 206s & Citroens) started their rules.. with the Mitsubishi Evos also falling on the wayside.

I do hope the plan to stay out of the WRC is reversed soon...

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