Thursday, November 15, 2007

about Low Cost carriers

The general misconception of LCC are that they are "cheap". The low cost carriers, were essentially on the costing front, that established themselves on different cost structures. Howver, we are a society that equate Low cost to cheap. And that is just that. The jostling and the pushing that I experienced from the passenger end was somewhat absymal, and the seating space on the airline was incorrigable. I would call them the "flying chicken coups". They push in as many people as possible, and make sure that your "comfort" levels are in the negative.
Now, the new issue, giving them copies of one credit card, is rather ridiculous, as if you are booking a flight ticket for a person from another city, you need to scan the card, sign it, and then rescan the letter and send it to them. Why? is flying a sin?

I might not fly by the LCCs again, but they do are making flights affordable.

The planes also are scary- Every time i have traveled there seems to be some new noise coming thru. Wonder when they will be servicing their planes?

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