Wednesday, October 03, 2007

India Reports? or

So what do you do when you need to fill up ColumCentimeters. Advertise.

find the two snapshots one of CNNIBN a leading indian news website and a foreign website in IHT..
Pretty interesting are the quality of documents, articles and reports on IHT that CNNIBNs site is pale in comparison.

The question is - why do such sites exist? what news do i get? that a college student got thrown off the 4th floor? or that South Korean and North Korean leaders are meeting for the first time. Also, its the first time that a minister has driven down from Seoul to Pyongyang. Pretty interesting. He got off the border, walked across the yellow line which says peace and then drove for 3 hours. But none of this is on CNNIBN, instead, they have stupid pictures of some actress saying that she trust some other actor.


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