Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Diaspora Dilemma- Taking credit!

Many a times, I wonder, what is it that makes people adapt? to surroundings, to people and most importantly to situations? The whole - bandwagon concept- jumping on when the wagon gets going, is nice, but how much can the bandwagon actually take? the latest of the series- and something that has always intrigued me- our "IndianNess". What makes us Indian, is it our culture, our heritage, is it our skin color or the way we think?

OR - is it simply what the society makes us out to be?

Bobby Jindal's win as the governor or Louisiana has a very large part of the country jumping for joy. but the question is why? Is he Indian? well, I dont know him personally, but from spending 40 years there, I think not. The again, it comes back to the question, what is indian?
He's been born there- so tat makes him an american citizen. His parents "immigrated" there 40 years ago - that in effect is a statement that says that they wanted out of this country, hence the move. Now that he is the good ol' gov' - the people are extatic. I wonder if the poles, or brazillians or even mexicans jump around. Did they - when Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales was appointed? I dont think so.

That's the way we have been. As a nation, we are unique in terms of our appearances and mannerisms. I guess we might be the only society that prides our roots even after we immigrate to a new culture. Or, I might just be fantasizing.

We are a great society. And thats one thing that I am proud of. I know, that below all the bickering and squwabling, we as a society are eons ahead of our time.

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Vasu said...

Interesting topics to pick on...Diaspora...but i think you may have got some facts wrong. We are in no ways the only immigrant community that prides its own culture. For e.g. Chinese are Chinese everywhere they go - if you want to mingle they make you Chinese as well. They don't bother fitting in like we do. And don't forget how much of a hullabullo was made in Austria when Arnold become the governor of CA..you won't know cos you were not in Austria but I am sure you read about it. The way I see it every small thing like Bobby Jindal becoming Governor is a step in what the Diaspora believes as "Indian"ness becoming main stream in US / Canada / UK. And we have a long way to go…Chinese dragons, China Town, Little Italy; Japanese cars are all cool in the US– Little India – well not so much!
I think the world can do with a lot of "Indian" ness rather than the Indian way of life being restricted to India alone...let the good word spread :)

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