Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The world in India

Revolves around two things.
1. Cricket.
2. Bollywood.

Yesterday a sentencing locked away an actor for 6 years. All news channels stopped other news- like the DJ take over, Iraq, CR's visit to the middle east everything to run constant updates. A court has pronounced someone guilty - that usually means he/ she is. Unless proven otherwise. Now, after 14 years the sentence is passed and it becomes" tearful" - the country is up in arms about this- the verdict is too harsh - well, why arnt they thinking about the 245 families who lost their loved ones because someone wanted to look macho with AKs and Dessert Eagles?

Anyways - the news is only talking about this. Where are we going ?


Parul said...


Remember the Abhi-ash wedding! Or Fardeen Khan's cocaine act! News channels went berserk showing the same thing over and over again!

Though, its still better than the US where they show reports on neckline dips of politicians and boob enhancements of film stars.

Vasu said...

I think this is a fairly clich├ęd, out dated view. A decade or so back the only thing we spoke about as a nation was cricket, movies (not bollywood – there are a few million down south and in far east who have do not see bollywood movies), and politics. While they still remain the staple conversation points, there are quite a few other things that the world in India has started to revolve around. Take business for example. Did we have a business channels in the last millennium? But now, there are new channels everywhere there are so many business channels and updates now. So things are not as bad as they seem. And oh yeah by the way, I have to agree with the comment above on US. Anna Nicole Smith is so much in the news, day in and day out, you could be forgiven for thinking her ghost has taken over the TV studios!

MadMax said...

Well, I would have liked to believe that the world revolves around more things than these two, but sadly, on that day- that was ALL that was on the news channels and sites! :(

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