Monday, September 18, 2006

he state of the press--- very un-im"pressed"

i was just reading something on a news website, about the prime ministers visit to havana.then somehitng stuck out like a sore thumb.

why do the press pry so much!

people are talking about meetings between two great people, and then the last few para's are about the prime minsters eating habits! it kinda really pissed me off.

do i really need to know that he does not risk eating non veg food outside, and that he takes cooks from india where ever he goes. and if he does not take cooks, he eats food made at the indian ambassadors house? and... the best part, they have given the menu!
honestly, this is great news, very well researched, but do i really need to know that? about how he eats only lentils and greens ..... how does this affext me?

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Raghu said...

well that is what most of the people are interested in. The press writes what sells u c. I am not defending them and I hate it equally - for e.g. TOI is the most junk news paper in any part of the world and if u read it u will know all about Paris Hilton and naothing about what is happening in the rest of d world

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