Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Random thoughts on IT

Every morning, I board a bus to come to work. the bus service is operated by the company i work for. I get picked up at an early hour, and its a good one hour ride to work. similarly, the return journey in the evening is a grand hour and a half long. towards my drop off point, i am one of the few people left.

the morning pickup, inevitably has me thinking about life. the pickup point is the local bus stop. The point where the public transport system and the private transpot system form a union. the Metropolitant transport buses come, people run about, the young the old, the frail the healthy, men, women children, grandchildren, all come to board the bus. the come, they stand, they see, they run, they smoke, they laugh. these emotions, carried on through the time, waiting and watching. Watching if its their bus that comes, talking on cell phones, talking to friends, just thinking. as their transport approaches, they run, desperate to get onto this one, else they have to wait longer. the thought of getting the next bus that might be even more crowded. does not appease the person waiting.

then comes the IT busses, they stop, people get on. more than sufficuent space to sit. people in the busses look down on the bus stop. looking down literally and figurativly, you wonder, what special thing did we do to deserve this treatment? are we, the ones in IT really all that great to look down on people? are we really helping the industry or are we increasing the CPI due to the extravegant spending.

An It employee with stock options gets so much money that he/she does not know what to do? where in this earth would you have thoght that at some point you would be sitting on stock thats worth in the million range! i mean, get a grip. so this is a classic case of big bigger biggest fish.

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