Monday, July 10, 2006

review: second in Command

Well, i was sitting down to watch the dvd of "16 Blocks" a bruce willis flick, which i found rather interesting, (will write about that laterz) and i saw the tralier of "Second in Command" a Jeane Claude Vandame flick. the trailer as usual made it look awesome. so in my ensuing search, i went forth and conquored. I got myself a copy of the movie. Man! that was simply the worst decision of my life!
the movie sucked to the core.
Vandame's movies have been going downhill, and continue to go down way beyond repair. the movie tends to glorify the millitary and the fact that its a low budget flick is evident from the poor sets, and bad CGI / SFX.
gwash, even te students of NYUFI could have done a better job!
well, the story is, ... hmm.. how do i put it, non existant. the usual, JCV comes, glorified entry, hype, sex, guns and more guns! here you have a tank shooting at a building and the marks are left on the wall like a 50MM AA gun. its rather sad.
The apache's and sikorskys in the film are shown to have a range of 6Hrs, WAHAT? three hours, hovering time, and a return journey.
its painful to see JCVs flicks go down like this. after movies like UniSol, kickboxer, the quest, and hard target, atleast they were genuine action flicks, wher JCV had some serious kick ass action scenes. His karate is rather good, and it needs to be showcsed, here there was nothing !!! phat!
still trying to recover fom it!

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