Friday, April 07, 2006

Adventures of Qwerty

Well, so we have our little programmer hero dude, Querty. working in one of them swank office buildings, centralized airconditioning (thats is standard nowa adays), free coffee, highly subsidized lunches, etcetc, but then whats his problem?
Qwerty fails to comply with the social norms. apparently there is something called Social engagement rules( or something on those grounds) that state that apparently, when in a public place / social gathering, there are norms that one needs to adhere to. sometimes i feel that ridiculus. its just saying that our society is getting faker by the day. if i am happy inside, i have everything going just great for me, why must i project that to the world? i just keep a straignt (appears sulking to others) face. now i see no reason to smile when i am happy, frown when sad, scowl when scowly and fret when mad. it defets the purpose that man is a creature who is supposed to have contorol over his emotions. there was once this story i read, i dont remember where, that there was this great sage meditating in the himalayas. and he was so great that the gods also used to come to him. now one day whilst he was wlaking in the forest, a bird shat on him, the sage got so angry that he was about to curse the bird when he bit his tounge and held back. he asked himself the question, what is the point of being such a great sage is i cannot even have control over my most basic emotions.
society has tuned us in to being things that we are not. if a person is happy today and not so happy tomorow, what is that person : manic depressive.
sad sad: depressive
happy bappy throughout - manic

its rather ridiculs!
anywya,s c'et la vie!

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