Friday, March 31, 2006


i am really confused!
i really dont know what is happening in my life! seriously!
i cant ask for anyting more.
great family life, great job, great friends.... i have everything anyone can ask for! but im not happy. why? so many times i have tried to ask myself the same question! why am i not happy? what is that one butt plug that is making me look to life with a constipated look? i guess i am trying really hard to be happy. i know i can be happy, cause on the weekends, i am fucking extatic! packing my weekends with things, i cant ask for anyting else, but longer weekends! :-) i guess this would just become another rutt in the rat race! coming to work, doing some work, going bakc home! now thats a wheel of work!
i have sat and raked my brains! and have finlly concured! my job sux! really, the job profile and work is great! amazing to be precise! but i feel rather lost in my current company.
i am a pin in a haystack, going to be eaten by a cow! now hows that for the pin! considering if i dont do anytting, i am going to land up in shit! now that i feel is a career path!
i guess i have a yearning to start something! i think i will decide by this weekend if i will be continuing with this job or not!
well, lets see!
thats all i can say for now!

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