Sunday, January 01, 2006


Just got news that a classmate of mine passed over.
when one hears news like this, it does leave you a bit shocked.
I have realised that these are the times that you do the most amount of thinking.
I knew him. cant say i knew him really well. but yes, he was a classmate. he was also the very first person i came to know in my class. the day i joined he gave me a ride to the bus stop.
its really sad though. but then you wonder, what can you do?
sometimes you are in shock. But about what?
I guess death is about space. 1 less person in the earth. but where do they go? thats what gets one thinking. these are the terms "ever again" which get people jolted.
It gives people cold feet during weddings "you cant look at another person..... EVER AGAIN".... not that i am equating the two, but yeah, I guess you can do the math.

I am relativly new at blogging, and have wondered, what are the uses of this? expression is one way of..... expression.
its gets things out. talking about things that gnaw on your mind.
Now do you want to forget such incidences, you do need to move on in life right?once in a while i guess one will feel bad about the gravity of the situation, but.... what does one do?

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Pappaya Pie said...

one lives with the fact M, there is nothing much to gainfrom pondering over death and other such deep things. These are necessary losses, i believe. it hurts...but so does taking off a decaying tooth.

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